Terry Glasco, founder of Virtual Silk® Web Site Creations

Terry Glasco, Virtual Silk Web Site Creations

Change is a good thing for Terry Glasco.

Glasco is retired from the US Army. Her final assignment was at the US Embassy in Canberra, Australia as the Administrator of the Personnel Exchange Program (PEP) between the US and the Australian armies .
"I loved Australia, but after five years the Army job had become routine," Glasco said.

"In 1996, I decided to build a PEP Australia web site." (Her replacement did not maintain the site.)
"There were no books, no software applications, and I didn't know a single person who had ever built a web site," she added. Facing retirement in September 1997 Glasco faced a dilemma, she needed a new place to live and something new to do.

She asked herself, "Where would I live and how would I spend my time if I were independently wealthy?"

The answer to herself, I would live on the Monterey Peninsula and spend my time designing web sites.

She left her final assignment at the US Embassy in Australia for the Monterey Peninsula on a wing and a prayer."I was basically a bag lady." Glasco laughed.

Her decision to move here was spontaneous - based on a 20-hour visit to Monterey in June 1996.
"After three hours here, I sent my husband, back in Australia, an e-mail saying I had decided to retire in Monterey and hoped he would join me. He had been a student at DLI, so I already knew he loved it."

They arrived in Monterey in September 1997 with luggage and a determination to succeed.

Glasco immediately went into business designing web sites. Now Virtual Silk Web Site Creations is her great gig and she says she loves it.

The web design business is very different from her military career, she said.

"I get to use my left, right, front, back, top and bottom brain every day," Glasco said of her second career.

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