Received October, 1959 From John H. Luth Sr. (daughter Florence)

This is the family history given to me by Aunt Ella Johnson, and copied by me at the time of the telling.

Grandfather John Henry Verfurth came to America at the age of two years as an orphan and with whom he came is unknown. He settled in Wisconsin and later moved to Iowa.

Grandmother Mary Wynhoff came to America with her parents (Aunt Ella was not sure of that, but thought the parents brought her) at the age of seventeen.

Her father Henry was a very high-class shoe maker in Germany.

Her mother Dora Appledorn Wynhoff was a German mid-wife of very high standing, she was one of ten out of one thousand mid-wives given a very high award for her efficiency in her work. Great Grandmother Dora came from a German Royal family and her marriage to a shoemaker was undesired by her family and they left for Holland where they lived until coming to the States.

Grandmother: Mary Wynhoff Verfurth: Born Nov, 5, 1838

Grandfather: John Henry Verfurth: Unknown, 1827

Katherine Verfurth Luth: Nov 23,1858 - Nov 1944
Anna (ed. Johanna) Verfurth Rhodes: Apr 9,1860 - May 16, 1916 (ed. May 16 1960?)
Mary Verfurth Paulisson: Born Dec 28, 1861
Henry Verfurth: Born Dec 5, 1863
Dora (ed. Doretta) Verfurth Warren: Born Dec 3, 1865
Theodore Verfurth: Born Dec 14, 1867
John Henry Verfurth: Born Dec 23, 1869
Helen (Ella) Verfurth Johnson: Born Dec 4, 1872
Elizabeth Verfurth Ashley: Born Aug 23, 1875

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