Forest Borland Family - Daniel Bixby, Revolutionary War Soldier

Daniel Bixby was probably born in May, 1763, at Winchendon MA, the son of Daniel and Tabitha Bixby. He married Dorothy and had 10 children who were born at Rockingham, VT. Daniel died after 1840 probably at Chazy, NY. During his life at Rockingham, he was a member of the Universalist Church, a town constable and the only Bixby voting in 1797.

Daniel's pension application tells about his service record during the Revolutionary War. He enlisted at Walpole, NH probably in May, 1780, for six months and served in Colonel Nichol's regiment, Major Webber's battalion, Captain Peter Page's Company.

He was mustered at Springfield, MA and sent to Claverack, NY and later to West Point "at the time of Arnold's disgraceful evacuation and General Washington's return from Connecticut".

He enlisted a second time under General Bellows and was sent to stop the Indians and Tories from burning Royalton, VT. About May 1781 he was dismissed from this second enlistment. In July the same year he enlisted under Lieutenant Smith, Lieutenant Parker's Company and Colonel Walbridge's regiment to serve at Whitehall, NY where he served as a corporal and frontier guard.

Daniel Bixby's pension application of August 29, 1832, was apparently approved when he was a resident of Isle La Motte. In June, 1840, he asked to have his pension paid to him in New York.

The Bixby Genealogy, part II, by Willard G. Bixby. NYC: Willard Bixby, 1914. p227-229.

Line of Descent for DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution)
SAR (Sons of the American Revolution)

Daniel Bixby married Dorothy

Joel Bixby born January 29, 1786, at Rockingham, VT: married (2) Sylvia Morse on October 11, 1813, at Champlain, NY.

Hiram Herbert Bixby born September 7, 1816, at Champlain, NY: married Julia Allen on March 17, 1838, at Lewiston, NY.

Amanda Sarah Bixby born about 1839 probably in NY: married (1) Charles Moody on November 21, 1858, at LaCrosse, WI.

Clara Moody born March 22, 1861, at West Salem, WI: married Lonson Borland (sometimes called Alonson) on November 1, 1876 or 1877.

Forest Fay Borland born April 23, 1889, Faytte County, IA: married Mae Marsh on December 2, 1909, at Dubuque, IA.

Audrey Margaret Borland born March 29, 1922, at Oelwein, IA: married Chuck Mathis on May 24, 1948, at the Presidio, San Fransisco, CA. Audrey joined the NSDAR in March, 1990, and was given membership number #721057. Family members in this direct line can use her number and provide the necessary proof of descent from Forest and Mae Borland using copies of birth and marriage certificates.

For further information about NSDAR (National Society Daughters of the American Revolution) membership contact Audrey or write to: NSDAR, 1776 D Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006-5392

For information about NSSAR (National Society Sons of the American Revolution) membership write to: NSSAR, 1000 S. 4th St., Louisville, KY 40203

Lonson Borland and Clara Moody with their children

Circa 1894
Seated: Lonson Borland with Glenn and Forest (seated in the rocking chair)
Standing: Kathryn, Clara (Moody) holding baby Harley, Eugene, Elizabeth and Guy Borland

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